International Public Invitation (1/2022)

The Ministry of Planning, The Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) is pleased to invite the experienced and qualified international companies to present their bids in order to get authorization to conduct pre-shipment inspection, test and certification of goods imported to Iraq under the Central Organization for Standardi ion and Quality Control Law No. (54) of 1979 (revised) , and the national regulation of Quality Control (1988), and implementing the Ministerial Council of Economic resolution issued in accordance with the letter No. (998 dated on December 2nd 2019) and as follow; - The pre -qualification to be conducted in accordance with the standard document of pre- qualification issued under the Ministry of Planning No. (4/7/23151) dated on September 4th 2022. - The applied companies shall have a printed copy of the standard document in Arabic after presenting a written request at the COSQC’s headquarter/ the Legal Department on the below mentioned address during the official working hours upon a purchase cost (IQD 500,000) five hundred thousand Iraqi Dinars (nonrefundable) paid in cash to the COSQC's fund secretariat, the document to be handed to the applicant (in hand). -The bids (the qualification request and the standard document after being filled supported by the required legal, financial and technical documents in accordance with the requirements of the standard document) in sealed envelopes and shall be stamped with the bid applicant stamp. The name of the bid applicant , number and date of the tender along with the name and address of the contracted party shall be mentioned clearly on the envelope. -The purchase of the documents starts on Sunday 11th of September. «The closure date will be at 12 p.m. of Bagdad mean time on Tuesday 1st of November 2022. -The bids to be opened from the start of the official working hours on Wednesday 2nd of November 2022 at the OCSQC’s headquarter. -For further information or any other inquiries during the announcement duration kindly contact us on the following addresses; (refer to the COSQC’s headquarter/ the Legal Department, Iraq, Baghdad Al-Jaderyah P.O.b 13032) -Inquiries via e-mail ( ) The Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) September 10th 2022