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partnership project
Iraqi Cabinet headed by President Dr. Hayder Al Ebadi has approved a partner project of COSQC concerning the procedures of Pre- Importation Inspection for imported products and materials in a way ...
Publish Date 29/09/2017More 
Al Iraqia TV interview with Director General of Quality Control
  Thursday Sep 7th, 2017 , COSQC headquarter, Al -Iraqia TV interviewed director general of quality control MS. Nisreen Sami Swadi. In a short interview she said; the organizational regulations ...
Publish Date 17/09/2017More 
Results of tests conducted on models purchased from local markets during the month of July,
Result Standard Sample conformed Engineering Technical ...
Publish Date 17/09/2017More 
Brands Counterfeit and Fraud Phenomena Reduction
the memorandum of understanding and cooperation are the mechanism through which we work together to reach common interests. They also represent a contradict concept of competition which prefer the ...
Publish Date 06/09/2017More 
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